Which Soccer Shops Have the Best Offside Signs?

Soccer haircuts are a staple in American homes, and the majority of American soccer players are bald.

That’s because many players use soccer haircuts to create a buzz around their bodies and keep the game going.

But some of these players have been spotted in soccer stadiums with their head shaved off, which can be a violation of the NFL’s rule banning players from shaving their heads during the preseason.

In one of the more notable examples, former U.S. Soccer player Aaron Maund, who played for the Portland Timbers in the 2011-12 season, has been caught with his head shaved at a New York City soccer stadium.

Maund has apologized to the New York team, but the Timbers have maintained that Maund was in violation of NFL rules.

(This was the year that Maunder signed with the Seattle Sounders.)

In the U.K., a player named Samir Naeem has also been caught wearing a headband in a New Jersey soccer stadium (although the NFL has since removed it).

And last year, New York Jets kicker Stephen Gostkowski was arrested in a soccer stadium with his hair still on after he took a kick from a teammate.

It’s not clear whether the players were wearing headbands or not, but there are plenty of headgear laws out there that allow players to shave their heads.

Here are some other notable cases of players not abiding by NFL rules: In a recent interview with ESPN, former New York Giants kicker Josh Brown revealed that he shaved his head in a way that violated the NFL rule against headgear.

(The rule was repealed in 2015, but some players still don’t follow it.)