Nike, Nike, soccer pants: The latest on the World Cup

Nike, a global sports apparel company, is set to release a pair of soccer pants next week that feature the iconic U.S. men’s national team logo on the waistband and a logo of its soccer team on the sleeves.

The new pants will debut at the Adidas Women’s National Team Training Camp in Philadelphia next week.

They will be available in men’s and women’s sizes, and they are slated to be available this fall in a variety of other Nike and Nike+ retail outlets.

The Nike+ soccer pants feature the Nike “T-Shirt,” which features the logo of Nike and is available as a regular-priced, “Premium Sport” color.

A similar Nike+ version of the “T” was also recently released for men’s, and the “USA” logo was also featured on the women’s version.

“The ‘T-shirt’ Nike is releasing next week is a clear homage to the iconic American soccer team,” said Nike CEO Mark Parker.

“It features the iconic Nike logo on a waistband that also features the USA on the sleeve and the word ‘USA’ on the outside of the waist.

This is a great way to recognize and honor the tremendous success the USA has enjoyed in international soccer.”

The Nike+ men’s soccer pants are slated for release on September 29 and are expected to sell for $100.

The men’s version of these soccer pants is expected to retail for $85.

The Nike “USA Sport” football shorts and socks will be released at the Nike+ Women’s Training Camp and Nike+.

The Nike Women’s Soccer Pants are expected in retail stores this fall, and retail prices will range from $100-$150.