NFL players react to the NFLPA’s lawsuit against Loudoun

The NFL Players Association on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the NFL, claiming that the league is infringing on the players’ union’s trademark rights by failing to license the loudoun football logo and notifying the players of the potential trademark infringement in a timely manner.

In a statement released by the NFL Players’ Association, Loudoun County Commissioner Mike Epps said the lawsuit “underscores the importance of the NFL and its franchises to keep the Loudoun Football Stadium in the county in its original configuration and condition as a community-owned facility.”

The lawsuit also states that “the NFL is in violation of its contractual obligations with the Loudun County Government and the County of Loudoun,” alleging that the NFL is “failing to comply with the provisions of the Louden County Business and Tax Regulations” and failing to “promote the County’s economic development, jobs, and quality of life.”

The Loudoun City Council unanimously approved a lease for the stadium in 2014, but the NFL has since failed to pay rent.

In August, the league received a $2.5 million settlement from the city of Loudun, but that has yet to be implemented.

The lawsuit alleges that the lack of payment violates the NFL’s trademarks rights.

The NFLPA is seeking a court order that would force the league to license its trademark to the Loudontown Football Club and the Loudaun County Football Club, as well as to remove the Loudon football logo from its website.