What’s going on with soccer in Colombia?

With soccer’s popularity surging in Colombia, a popular forum has emerged that allows fans to share stories, and the sport’s supporters have been taking to social media to voice their frustrations.

The youth soccer forum is part of the country’s biggest social network, Tocospora, and is one of the main venues for its annual “National Day” celebrations.

Tocspora is based in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, and hosts more than 600,000 people who participate in the group’s social events each year.

It has grown so large, TocaSpora says, that the club has decided to move its headquarters to Bogota.

The forum is hosted on the site of the city’s oldest soccer stadium, the Estadio del Sol, where more than 1,200,000 fans watch games each day.

The venue, where the world’s top soccer team plays, is one part of Toca Sora’s ambitious vision to transform Bogota into a soccer hub by 2022.

It is a major step in the team’s long-term plan, which has included the creation of a soccer academy for underprivileged kids, and plans to transform the city into a vibrant and multicultural community.

A recent poll by the local media found that about 80 percent of the 1,600 respondents said they felt safe to participate in Toca Soccer events.

The site also hosts a “national team” discussion forum.

On the site, the forum members can share their experiences of the sport, and members can also upload photos and videos of their teams.

The discussions are moderated by members of TocoSora’s youth group.

Many members are from Bogota’s indigenous communities, and some have been participating in the forum for years.

But this year, the social media platform is expanding its membership and will be allowing more members.

For most of TOCOSORF’s history, the site was a popular social media hub for the city.

But the forum is now a new destination for many people in Bogotá.

The new social media venue, with its large screen, allows for discussions to spread across the country.

The site also allows members to share pictures of their team, and to upload videos and photos of the game.

There are now a number of other soccer forums, which are also in the city, but they do not necessarily have the same level of popularity as TocaSoccer.

The forum in Bogo, for example, has almost 3,000 members, and it is not even in the top 10 social media sites in the country, according to the website.

The TocaSol forum has almost 1,500 members, while the TocaCasa forum is only about 800 members.

Many members of the TocosaSports Forum said they were disappointed to see the forum leave, and said that they will try to find another place to connect.

The national team is playing in Bogor.

We have a chance to show our fans what we can do, said Carlos Rodríguez, a 17-year-old soccer fan from the city of Bariloche.

We want to give the country what it needs, he added.

Many of the forum’s members also said that the team has not been performing well in the games played at Estadios del Sol.

The team has lost two of the three games in recent months, in which it played at the Estadela Arena.

TocaSoccers forum member, Maria Mireles said that when she joined the forum, she hoped to join a team and see the team play.

She has not seen the team in a few games, but she hopes to attend next week’s game.

In a video posted to Facebook, Mirels said that she is hopeful that the players will be able to take advantage of their experience.

Many fans said they feel they are missing out on a big part of what they want from a soccer team.