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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has signed a memorandum of understanding to officially introduce the NFLPA as a new membership organization.

The league, which has traditionally had no official membership in the league, is now officially recognized as a union.

Goodell said the memorandum of agreement is aimed at making the game more inclusive to fans, and it includes some of the league’s key policies, such as a mandate that players be paid for playing football and a ban on players receiving more than the minimum wage.

It also sets up a new, more streamlined process for joining and joining in the future.

The NFLPA, which was founded in 2010 and has a membership of about 150,000 players, will be able to get its first endorsement deals this summer, Goodell said.

It will also be allowed to take its dues-paying memberships to the next level, he said.

The new union also has the ability to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the NFL.

The union has said that it plans to negotiate for players to receive their first paychecks in 2020, with the new union to represent them through 2022.