Why soccer players are still banned from the NBA for female soccer players

Female soccer players will never be allowed to play the NBA again, because the league has been ruled illegal under the International Women’s Soccer Federation’s (IFSF) anti-discrimination rules.

The rule change, which was implemented after several female players from the Bundesliga and Premier League were granted full citizenship status under the Women’s Professional Soccer League, was approved in March.

However, it was quickly criticized by a number of female players and leagues across the country, and the IWF quickly issued a statement saying that the league “has no place in our game” and that “it is the league’s responsibility to protect the players and to prevent discrimination of any kind.”

Now, with female soccer leagues in the U.S. and Canada and the U-17 Women’s National Team and the Women World Cup in the works, a number players and teams from the sport are joining forces to fight the new rule.

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The NFL, The NFL is now the @NBA, and now it is a genderless league.

Here’s the thing, it isnt a sexist league.

It isnt sexist in the sense that there is no gender.

It just wants to be inclusive, and it has a gender neutral policy.

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