How to stop the ‘brain drain’ and keep the sport coming in Belgium

Posted Wednesday, March 08, 2018 12:33:53It’s easy to see why there’s a massive appetite for soccer in Belgium.

There are more than 5 million registered soccer fans in Belgium and there are around 10,000 professional teams across the country, including the likes of Olympique Lyonnais and FC Barcelona.

With the world’s fourth-biggest economy and fifth-largest population, Belgium is also home to many big-name sporting franchises.

However, it seems there’s an element of disenchantment in the nation.

The Football Association of Belgium, or FAB, is the governing body for the sport in Belgium, and it has recently taken aim at some of its own officials for their behaviour.

According to an investigation by The Telegraph, FAB’s director general has said that it’s time for the FAB to “change”.

“It’s the biggest country in the world, and in a country like Belgium, it’s important that we don’t forget that we are a nation of football fans, and we need to get on with the job of keeping the sport alive,” FAB director general Olivier Brégier said in an interview with Belgian newspaper NOS.

“I think that there are people who have been here for a long time and know how to work together and that needs to change.”

However, the Fab doesn’t appear to be the only one complaining.

Former FAB president Paul De Witte has also criticised the Fabs, telling the Belgian news outlet Het Nieuwsblad:”The FAB needs to listen to its members and realise that the way the FAs members behave is not acceptable.”

If you’re the boss of the FAb, you need to take action.

I am not asking you to apologise, but I am asking you not to treat this situation like a football-only club.

“In football, there is a lot of money involved, but in Belgium there is no football.”

The Fabs have made similar criticisms of their own.

“It would be great if the FAP was not so bad, but they don’t deserve the criticism,” Fab director general Andre Hernández told the NOS newspaper.

“They are not in the best position in Belgium to complain about the FBA.”

It’s not just the Fáb who are unhappy with the FabiSolutions, however.

In December, the governing bodies of the Belgian league, Ligue 1, and the Eredivisie have both been accused of fomenting disenchancement in Belgium by allegedly making racist and sexist comments.