What are kids playing? – Kids playing soccer

A video of children playing soccer has gone viral on Facebook, with one mother posting it on Instagram.

Key points:A mother posted a video of her daughter playing soccer on InstagramThe video has gone more than 2 million viewsThe video was shot in Sydney, NSW, on Saturday.

In it, a mother’s daughter is seen walking through the park while playing soccer.

“The other kids were playing and the dad was sitting in the back seat and the kids were just running around and laughing and it was just amazing,” Ms Bong, a retired nurse, told news.com .au.

“It was just one of those things that happens to you in your life and I just felt like it was something that I was going to get a chance to share with the kids and the adults.”

She said she decided to post the video after hearing about the soccer event being held in Sydney on Saturday, with the children having already had time to play.

“So I just thought that it would be nice to share the moment with the parents, the children, so they could enjoy it as well.”

Ms Bong’s son has also watched the video on Facebook.

“We had been watching the kids, the adults playing and it just seemed like something to do with the games,” he said.

“That’s when I decided to do it.

I wanted to show them that they could be a part of something and that’s what I did.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 10 million times, has sparked outrage.

“How dare you?

Why would you do this to your kids?” one commenter wrote.”

I am appalled,” another added.”

This is not the way to be.

It’s sad and disgusting,” one user said.

A spokesperson for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Sport and Recreation (RANSCR) told news, that it was unaware of any instances of children being involved in the game.

“While the video does not contain any child participants, it does provide a snapshot of the community as a whole and is not meant to encourage participation in the sport,” they said.

The RANSCR has advised people to check with the governing body if they were aware of any cases of children involved in a sporting activity.