What will the Olympics be like if Mexico plays the USA?

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said Thursday that Mexico and the United States will be playing in a two-team semi-final at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

“The U.S. is our country, Mexico is our city and we have a great friendship,” Infantinos comments.

“It will be the biggest sporting event of the year, and I hope that we will play together in the tournament.”

Infantines remarks came during a news conference in which the Mexican President also announced a deal with Nike, the world’s largest footwear company.

“We are very excited to announce the formation of the Nike Mexico partnership,” Infants statement read.

“For this partnership, we are going to support our country in a way that will benefit both the sports and culture of our country.

The partnership will also be the first of its kind in the history of our countries, and it will serve as a benchmark for the future of the partnership.”

The agreement will help support the growth of both sports, according to Infantins press secretary, and the two nations will also work to ensure that all players are allowed to participate in both games.

The announcement comes just weeks after the announcement that Nike was also joining forces with Mexican soccer team Tigres UANL to host the 2018 Gold Cup in 2018.

“Mexico will be participating in the Olympics,” Infanino said at the news conference.

“This is a very positive step that we have been looking forward to.”

He added that the two sides will work to make sure the events are “perfect for both countries.”

“We know the U.K. will be here, so we are also going to take care of the U, as well,” he said.

“But we are looking forward in all of these sports to have great games for our people, and that is going to be a very important event.”