How to choose the right soccer shirt from the Nike Soccer Shop

It’s been a long time coming, but Nike is finally ready to offer its own soccer shirts for the real world.

The online retailer announced the first official soccer shirt at its pre-FIFA soccer show in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday, and it’s a brand new design, the FIFA 2018 World Cup Soccer Shirt.

Here’s a closer look at the new design.

The design is quite simple, but the details are there.

It has the traditional collar and armband, but it’s not exactly a classic soccer shirt.

The collar is more narrow than traditional soccer shirts, and there are no stripes.

Instead, Nike uses a mesh design that sits atop the collar, with the crest in a different position than in traditional soccer jerseys.

Nike says the crest has a more geometric appearance, while the collar is a bit more streamlined.

The new design also comes in a number of sizes.

It’s available in three different colors, as well as two sizes: a medium and a large.

The medium is the standard fit and the large fits up to a 35-inch chest, while a 40-inch waist is available.

The size range also includes women’s sizes, and men’s sizes are available.

The Nike soccer shirt is available for pre-order starting Thursday at