Why PSG and Manchester United are the best teams in the world

By Steve Boulding | 07.29.2018 01:39:06After the Manchester United and Manchester City sides who were crowned the top two teams in each country, I decided to take a look at the other teams as well.

In terms of the amount of points, these two sides have a combined total of 17,876 and have a win percentage of 69.5%.

That means that they have earned 18.1% more points than their nearest competitor.

This is why I like to think of these two teams as being the best two teams.

In their second match, United played host to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final, which they lost 3-2.

Despite being in the Champions League for the first time, the Portuguese side still managed to beat United 3-1.

It’s worth noting that United was already in the title race for the tournament before that match, having won the league a month earlier.

However, after a scoreless draw in the first leg, a red card against Nolito and a late strike from Pogba, the result was a 2-1 defeat for the French side.

With only two points left in the group stage, United were on course to finish in the top spot, which would put them one point clear of the eventual champions, Barcelona.

This was no surprise to me, as Barcelona’s performances in recent years had seen them struggle to win any of their matches.

In fact, in their five European matches, they only managed to win three of them, losing three times.

However, they were always very solid defensively and were always able to win games in the dying minutes.

This season, however, has been different.

After a shaky start to the season, Barcelona have now won six straight matches, including two consecutive victories against Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester Utd.

This has been a remarkable turnaround from last season, when Barcelona struggled to win many of their games.

Although they have had a disappointing start to this campaign, they have been very strong in their matches and have only conceded twice in their last six.

This season has seen them notch a 4-0 win over Bayern Munich, which was their only defeat of the season.

In the last three matches, United have conceded four goals in their four games.

They have scored five goals and had one assist in those games.

While it might seem strange for United to score four goals and have one assist at the same time, this is because they have a very high defensive line.

This makes them very difficult to break down and the midfielders have all been very effective.

However it is the defensive side of the pitch that has been the biggest issue for United, and they have to deal with it head-on.

It is this defensive unit that has struggled to score goals this season, as their average goal difference of +1.5 is the worst in the competition.

They are currently third in the league, but they are now two goals behind Barcelona.

The biggest thing that can be said about the defence is that they are very good at holding the ball.

When they are in possession, they are often very active, as they possess a defensive line that is extremely strong.

They can also do a good job of pressing, and their defensive work is so effective that it is hard to stop.

However this defensive work will come at a price, as the defensive line can often get caught out of position.

They also have very little in the way of physicality.

In this match, Mourinho had his players take full advantage of their possession advantage, and it was clear that they were able to get in behind United and dominate possession.

This meant that United were unable to find any way to counterattack.

It was not an ideal situation for the team, as both sides were very tired and rested.

As United’s defensive work came to an end, Mourinho did not want to concede a goal in the second leg, and he decided to give his players a breather and leave the defensive aspect to them.

In the end, he left them to deal the final blow with the final goal.

However United’s second match against Barca was not a success.

The team lost 2-0, and although they managed to hold off the Catalan side, they conceded four unanswered goals.

This gave Barcelona a chance to move on to the last 16, where they will face Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

In contrast, United’s first match against Manchester City was a success for Mourinho.

They lost 1-0 to the Etihad side in the Europa League, and Mourinho was able to bring out his best against them.

He scored two goals in the match, including a goal that would have won the game for United.

However the best part about Mourinho’s performance was that he managed to score three goals in a match in which he had lost his starting goalkeeper.

Mourinho had a fantastic match, which had him scoring four goals, including his third goal of the match.

However he was forced to