Adidas Soccer shorts, soccer scores and more to debut on ESPN, adidas, Fox Soccer and Fox Sports GO channel on September 16

A few days ago, we reported that adidas was making its Soccer shorts and socks for Fox Soccer available on ESPN and Fox Soccer GO.

Now we can confirm that they will be available for purchase on the ESPN channels as well.

A few days after that, we also learned that adelsistrict, a new adidas subsidiary, will be making its first adidas Soccer shoes available on Fox Sports.

Now, it looks like the soccer footwear giant is bringing back some of its most popular styles, including the Soccer shorts.

This comes as we already heard about adidas launching a new line of soccer socks for men and women.

And, it seems like the Soccer line will be a bit different than the old adidas socks.

We know that adelsteiner is releasing two new soccer socks: the Classic and the Classic II.

The Classic II is available for pre-order on and will be priced at $200.

The shoe will be released on September 29, while the Classic is scheduled to be released at a later date.

The new adelsteins Soccer shorts are also available for sale on

They will be sold exclusively on, with the price set at $175.

The two new adelsistsock socks will be offered in two different colors: “Red/Blue” and “Black/Blue.”

The former will be in a black and white colorway while the latter will be made up of red, blue and black.

The socks are available in the adelstsock and adelsistingoccer socks styles, and the former will include the classic black and blue colorway.