How to watch the Euro 2016 final live online

Live sports coverage for Euro 2016, which starts at 5pm local time (18:00 GMT) on Sunday, will be available to stream live on RTE.

Online fans will be able to watch coverage from the final and pre-game highlights online.

The final will also be available via RTE’s live online platform, with the full match being streamed from 8pm.RTE will also stream the match on mobile, with live access to highlights from the game available on RTV app and TV platforms including Sky, BT Sport, and BT Sport NOW.RÉTE’s official Twitter account has also launched a live stream for the final.

The tournament is the second of three European finals that will be played in Dublin on Sunday evening.

The first, played in France on Tuesday, will conclude the tournament and the semi-finals with a final between France and Italy at 8pm, followed by a final against Spain and the quarter-finals at 9pm.