When a soccer star is on the rise, she should wear a skirt

On Saturday, female soccer players around the world were celebrating the upcoming women’s World Cup by sporting a skirt and a long, black dress that looked like a soccer jersey.

But they were actually wearing shorts and a skirt.

The short skirts, which were designed by an international team of designers and created for the Nike Superstars Superstars brand, were worn by female soccer stars who are part of a growing group of players around a global stage who are embracing the sport.

The sport of soccer has been growing rapidly in the United States and worldwide in recent years.

It’s becoming a more inclusive and competitive form of football, as female players are starting to take on more of the field.

But some female players have been reluctant to embrace the role, and in recent months have found themselves being ostracized for wearing a skirt or shorts in the locker room. 

But the Superstars have been pushing back against this trend, creating a collection of shorts, skirts, and other items designed specifically for female athletes that are meant to make them feel comfortable.

“We wanted to help female athletes to wear what they feel is appropriate, to show that they don’t have to hide what they’re wearing,” said Kristin McQueary, the company’s creative director.

“It’s just to let them know that there are different ways of wearing what they wear.” 

The Superstars Women’s Superstars team, which includes three of the five women who won the World Cup in 2022, made its debut at the Nike Women’s Professional Soccer Challenge in Chicago on Monday. 

“When you have so many people that can do it, I think you’re just trying to be one of them,” said Marci Hinkle, one of the women from the Superstar team.

“I think there’s a lot of women that want to do it because they want to be part of something that’s not limited to their gender.” 

As the team continues to grow, it will be joined by the Superheroes.

“When we’re in the Supers, it’s a challenge for us to keep up with what’s going on,” said Hinkle.

“We’re trying to show the world that there is no shame in doing what we want to.”