Brazil: ‘No way to know’ if U.S. was behind coup attempt

Brazil’s military said Saturday that the U.N.-backed coup attempt was “no way to learn” about a plot to overthrow the government and seize power.

The comments came after Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the military had already arrested several suspected members of the military and other suspected conspirators in the plot, according to Reuters news agency.

Rousseff also told reporters that a plan had been put in place to put the country under martial law, which was declared on Feb. 9, but she said it was too soon to tell if martial law would be lifted.

The military, which is also known as the Armed Forces of the Brazilian Republic, said it had arrested five people on Feb 17 for allegedly planning a coup.

It did not provide details on their roles in the attempt.

The coup attempt, in which about 200 military officers, judges and other officials are accused of plotting the overthrow of Rousseff’s government, was triggered by the removal of a popular Brazilian senator in a power-sharing deal last year, according the military.

It also said the planned military coup was not supported by the president and she would not be questioned.