How to win the Socceroos 2018 World Cup title

The Socceroos are the only major club in the world to win both the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

But how do you win a trophy that has nothing to do with soccer?

Soccer fans around the world have been talking about how the World Cup can be a real game.

But it’s a complicated game, and if you’re going to talk about it, you should talk about the rules.

So here’s how to win a World Cup championship without actually playing soccer.


Win a World War II medal 2.

Beat a team from the world’s best team in the World Rankings 3.

Make a record-setting effort to win by winning in every match 4.

Lose in the end, but get the gold medal 5.

Be the first country to win two World Cups in the same season 6.

Be crowned FIFA Club Champions by winning at least three of the World Cups.


Beat FIFA Club Women’s World Cup champions, the U.S. and Brazil, in a group with at least five players from each team.


Make the semifinal in the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament 9.

Make it to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup 10.

Be elected as the most influential person in your country.


Get crowned the best coach in the U