Overwatch skins are now available in China

Soccer skins are finally available for the world’s top soccer leagues.

The latest update for Overwatch comes with the addition of Chinese clubs to the game, including Guangzhou Evergrande and Guangzhou Rongfeng, the official league of China’s Lotte World Group.

The Chinese Premier League (CPL) and Chinese Super League (CSL) are two of the biggest soccer leagues in the world, and the two leagues both recently signed up with Blizzard to become part of Overwatch.

The CSL and Lotte are both in China’s premier league, the CPL, which is the largest soccer league in the country.

These teams, along with the rest of the CSL, will join the other six professional teams in Overwatch.

A number of esports teams are also looking to jump on board the esports bandwagon.

One of the largest esports teams in the region is known as ROCCAT.

The team has made the switch to Overwatch after a long wait for the game to be released in China, where the Chinese government has banned most esports content.

In 2017, ROCCAAT played a huge role in China Esports Championship Series, the tournament that eventually saw a number of teams enter the Overwatch scene.

It was the second-biggest CSL team after ROCCAC and had a roster that included notable names like Zhu “Sting” Zhenhua, Peng “Lunara” Jie and Jiang “Ngong” Dongyi.

Since the switch, ROCCCAT has been making the switch into Overwatch, and now has a roster of players including Peng “Sleeping Bear” Ji, Chen “Hank” Zuo, Zhang “Peng” Guo, and Xu “Shi” Liu.

It’s also important to note that these players were all part of ROCCACC, which has been going on for more than five years.

Esports fans in China will have to wait until 2018 to see the full rosters of these teams in-game, and some players are still unknown to fans in the Chinese Overwatch community.

Other notable Chinese teams to jump onto Overwatch’s esports scene include Shen “Chen” Zheng, who was recently revealed as the second member of the Shanghai Assassins, and Tian “Fenrir” Wen, who played for the Hong Kong Esports Club.

In addition to the Chinese teams, other players in Overwatch will include players from Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

China’s professional esports league, CSL2, has already announced the teams for the upcoming season, which will start in late 2017.

Overwatch will be a competitive game in a competitive league with a competitive roster, so the biggest question to be answered in Overwatch’s release is whether players will actually be able to compete against the top Chinese teams.

We can expect to see more of the Chinese Esports scene in Overwatch, so stay tuned to esports fans in our forums to see how the game plays out.

Overwatch skins can be purchased with real money and will be available to purchase for real money in China from July 1st.

The game is currently available for free to play in China.

The next update for the Overwatch game will be out on September 25th, so if you haven’t yet, check out our Overwatch Overwatch: Road to Blizzcon guide to learn more about the game’s launch in China and how you can play the game.

Overwatch skin sales, tournaments, and esports are coming to Overwatch!

The Overwatch League will soon have its first event, with the upcoming Overwatch League Summer Championship Series beginning on July 1.

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