Google and the MLS Players Union to create a new partnership

TechCrunch article Google, the world’s most valuable technology company, is bringing its search technology to Major League Soccer.

In a press release today, the company announced a partnership with the MLS to bring the best search results on the web, as well as its app and mobile apps, for the league’s games.

“Google’s partnership with MLS allows us to bring an innovative search engine and technology solution to the league,” said Dave Burke, Google’s president and chief executive officer.

“This new partnership is a natural fit for Google as we work to better understand the player market, the best way to deliver the best experience for fans and our players, and to build an even better soccer experience for our fans.”

“We’ve been in the search business for a long time, but this is the first time we’ve ever brought a technology solution directly to the game, as part of a larger effort to connect fans with the best in search, including live scores, live stats, analytics and more,” said Tom Gundersen, MLS commissioner.

“We’re excited to bring this great technology to the MLS.”

The announcement comes as MLS struggles to maintain its audience of 20 million fans after the 2016 season and its struggles with advertising and sponsorships.

While Google’s search engine may be able to offer a more comprehensive search experience for its users, MLS is struggling to monetize its matches.

MLS is still struggling to sell advertising to advertisers, and the league continues to struggle to find ways to monetizing its league games.

The league’s players are still the league most passionate fans, with more than 60 million watching the league on TV every week.

The MLS announced in May that it was working with Google on the partnership, and Burke said the league would be “very happy” to partner with Google to provide more comprehensive and more targeted search to its players.

“The MLS is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, and we believe it’s important that our fans know what’s going on around them,” Burke said.

“There are more ways to engage with MLS fans, and our fans are hungry for more.

We’ve been able to do this with a number of partners over the years and we’re excited for this partnership.”

The league is also partnering with Facebook to help make its games more accessible for its players, including adding new tools to allow players to access their Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts.

“With the advent of technology, it’s a lot easier to create new ways for players to communicate with fans, but it’s also about making sure the fans are not overwhelmed by all the information they’re getting,” Burke told The Wall Street Journal.

“Facebook is doing a fantastic job, and their service really helps us out with the information we need to get the right information to our players.

We’re excited that they’re coming on board to help us make sure we’re getting the information that’s needed.”