What you need to know about France soccer players in the wake of the Paris terror attacks

“This is what we call an anti-terrorist operation.

It’s a counter-terrorism operation.”

That’s how President Francois Hollande described the response to the terror attacks in Paris on Friday.

“We don’t want to get rid of the terrorists.

They must be defeated.

But this is what is being done to protect the citizens,” he said.

“This operation is not a counter terrorism operation.

We are not fighting terrorism.”

But some of the French Football Association’s players have been caught up in the anti-terrorism efforts, with some of their teammates being questioned.

In one incident, an official in charge of the players’ welfare was reportedly arrested, according to France Football, which reported that French police raided the home of one of the league’s owners, the Football Federation International.

FFI International is the body that oversees the professional soccer league, which includes France’s top clubs.

The FFI issued a statement late Friday saying the raid was “inappropriate” and it was “aware of the arrest of the official.”

It added: “We believe the arrest was inappropriate and we will review it.”

Another FFI official, Nicolas Boucher, told French media that the FFI would hold a meeting with players, their families and FFI’s general secretary, Pierre Beaudoin, later in the week.

The only thing that was done was to get the players to talk to the police.” “

[Boucher] said there was no violence.

The only thing that was done was to get the players to talk to the police.”

In another incident, FFI general secretary Boucher also denied that the raids were “anti-terrorist.”

In a statement, he said the raids did not have anything to do with the terrorist attacks, but “with the alleged failure of the police to protect players and to secure the football stadiums.”