MLS ‘doomed to collapse’: Fans blame stadium ‘damp’ for ‘dire’ season

DALLAS — A soccer stadium built in 2008 is in the midst of a “dooming” season and fans blame the team for the league’s slide into mediocrity.

The Dallas Stars’ new home is slated to open in 2018, with the team’s final home game set for November.

The team has had to find a new stadium site in the last five years, but the arena at The Woodlands will likely be one of the most expensive.

“It’s a massive hole in the ground,” Stars owner Bill Foley said.

“It’s like you’ve got a new city, a new state, and you’ve never been there before.

It’s a huge hole in our city.

It just shows the utter failure of our team to get to where we need to be.”

Foley says the Stars have never won a championship in Texas, and he believes the team can’t compete with the Dallas Stars or the Golden State Warriors.

“I can tell you the Dallas team has never won in Texas.

And I can tell everyone else, too.

We’ve never had a championship,” Foley said Wednesday.

“But I can say with 100 percent certainty, we will not be a contender for a championship.”

Feyllas son, former NBA player Kevin Foley, who is the Stars’ president and CEO, said he believes fans are frustrated with the league and the team.

“People are tired of watching this team go from being the greatest in the world, to being a laughingstock, to a laughing stock,” Foley told the Dallas Morning News.

“I believe the city of Dallas is sick and tired of that.”

Fellow billionaire David Koch, a longtime Dallas booster and political donor, told the newspaper that he has never seen a better team in the league.

“They have the best players in the NFL, they have the great coach, they are the best in the NBA, and they have a great stadium,” Koch said.

Dallas has been struggling financially, but Koch said he wants the team to remain in the city for the long term.

“If the team goes to another city, I will come back to Dallas and give them my money and my time and my passion,” Koch told the paper.

“This is what we are about.

We have the resources to make a stadium and a facility.

I will support them and I will pay to see them play in the new stadium.”

The Stars have won four of five games since opening the season with a 4-1 victory over the New York Rangers on March 10.

But they’ve lost four of their last five games.