The top 25 NBA players, in order of NBA MVP odds

Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick is taking the spotlight this week with a series of articles focusing on players who will make the jump from NBA to Major League Soccer.

Amick’s first article, published Wednesday, lays out the NBA’s top 25 players.

In it, Amick lists James Harden, who is entering his third season as the league’s top-rated scorer, as the top pick.

Harden, in addition to being one of the league�s most talented players, also has a strong personality and a great work ethic, he writes.

The top 25 overall NFL players are:Kirk Cousins, Redskins QBCincinnati Bengals WRCincy Bengals RBI would pick the Bengals, given how Cincinnati’s offense plays out this season.

The Bengals are a very balanced offense that can score with the right play.

And while Cousins doesn�t have as much talent as he once did, he also has the versatility to make plays on the ball and be able to handle the ball at any point in the game.

He is a good player.

The same can be said for Bengals RB Giovani Bernard, who was a first-round pick in 2012.

Bernard has been a monster this season, and he has the talent to become the No. 1 back in the NFL.

The only real question with Bernard is whether he can hold down the job as the No-Man�s Land of the Bengals.

If the Bengals want to win in the playoffs, they will need to be able, as they did last season, to win games in close games.

This is not to say that Bernard can’t carry them, but his role as the team�s No. 2 back is a big one.

Bengals QB Andy Dalton, QB Jay Cutler, QB Aaron Rodgers, QB Tom Brady, QB Joe Flacco, RB Adrian Peterson, QB Cam Newton, WR Julian Edelman, RB Dwayne Bowe, RB Arian Foster, RB Reggie Bush, RB Trent Richardson, WR Martavis Bryant, QB Dak Prescott, WR Antonio Brown, RB Rashard Mendenhall, RB Dez Bryant, RB Marshawn Lynch, QB Andrew Luck, RB Aaron Rodgers.NFL Draft Insider’s Eric Winston, who has an article for The MMQB this week, is the next author to pick the Patriots, who have a talented roster but struggled with injuries this season to star players like Rob Gronkowski and Rob Gronk, and Deion Branch.

Winston gives them a slight edge over the Broncos, who had the worst record in the league this season and are ranked last in the AFC.

The Patriots are a team that has the potential to make a deep playoff run, Winston writes.

The Patriots are led by their star running back, Dion Lewis.

Lewis is a dynamic runner who can score big plays and can also create separation for receivers.

Lewis also has good leadership qualities.

They also have a strong defense that could play well against the pass.

Winston is the only one of this list to have picked the Broncos this year, and it makes sense.

Denver Broncos RB Willis McGahee, who came to Denver in the 2015 draft, is another player with a strong resume who could be the next star player on the Broncos.

McGahee has not been able to live up to the hype he has received from scouts and fans this season because of injuries and inconsistent play, Winston says.

McGAhee has struggled with a knee injury and he had just a 10-carry, 139-yard, two-touchdown performance in Week 2 against the Jets, he wrote.

McGahee was also limited to just nine carries in a loss to the Steelers.

That was his lowest rushing total of the season.

McGarley’s ability to run with the ball in his hands has been the best thing that he has done this season so far, Winston wrote.

He has the ability to play all over the field and is an excellent blocker.

McGuise is a very productive pass-catcher in the middle of the field who is extremely physical.

He could play all of the back positions and could be a top-10 player if he can stay healthy.

McKinnon has been outstanding in his third year in the NBA, Winston said.

He finished with the league leading in points and rebounds, which helped him make the leap to the league.

McDonald, who finished with 13.8 points and 9.3 rebounds per game, was named the MVP of the All-Star Game last year.

He was named to the All