What’s next for Shaolin Soccer Teams?

With a number of players returning, the future of the sport at the Hong Kong Stadium remains unclear.

However, the return of Hong Kong’s legendary Shaolin soccer team may help the city to attract international talent.

It is understood the team was planning a trip to Russia, the former Soviet Union.

The team was last on the planet in 2009, and this season was the last time they competed in the city’s main competition.

According to the team’s official website, the team will now play in Hong Kong as a member of the Asian Rugby League team.

The team will also play in the European Champions League.

In its statement, the Hongkong Soccer Association (HSA) said it would take into account the team member’s international status, as well as the fact that it is a member country.

Hong Kong’s former team, known as the Shaolin Football Club, will play a key role in the new generation of Hongkongs professional soccer team.

Hongkong’s former national team, the Shanxi Tigers, won the Hong kong league last season.

They were the only team to qualify for the finals of the Champions League in 2013.

The Shanxi Tiger won the inaugural Hong Kong Soccer League in 2003, before moving to the Champions league in 2009.