Juventus’ new-look pitch is ready to go

Juventus’ newest indoor pitch, which has been under construction since late November, will finally be ready to take the field on Sunday against Torino. 

The new, much more expensive, indoor pitch at the stadium has been designed by Italian firm Papagnoli and is expected to cost between €3 million and €5 million. 

Pasquale Pasquini, head of the Pepsi Sport brand and the design, explained that the pitch was made to be a more advanced stadium, with the ball at an angle and a new surface. 

“The surface is new, it’s a little different, but the idea is to improve the ball’s surface and create a surface that’s more stable,” he told reporters. 

This is the first time that the club will be using a new surface, but it has been a long-time goal for the club, and Pasquino has been working with Italian football authorities since the beginning of the season. 

For Pasquano, this is a huge step forward. 

He said that the new pitch is more durable and “is more of a physical surface that allows us to move around the pitch”. 

The pitch has already been used against Lazio and Lazio lost 1-0. 

Lazio were also in a tricky situation on Sunday, losing 1-1 against Torino, who were also on the losing side. 

There are two ways to score on a pitch with this type of surface, one being a high pass. 

Both Vincenzo Montella and Giorgio Chiellini were guilty of this. 

Chiellinis pass to Giorgio Barzagli was successful, but Vince Marotta, who was the man who gave the pass, missed a great opportunity to score a goal. 

Toro were also lucky to be able to score the first goal in the match as they were denied a chance to equalise. 

In the second half, the game got out of hand and Lazionio scored two late goals in quick succession. 

 Vincent Marotta was unlucky to miss this opportunity, but that’s something that can be corrected by changing the pitch and improving the ground. 

After a good start, Torino were not able to continue their dominance and Pablo Zabaleta, who started the game, made a very bad mistake and let Torio score. 

It was a shame that the match ended in a 1-2 draw. 

Viola Reina is the new striker and it was clear from his first touch that he was going to be an important player in the team. 

With he only starting for three games, he is not the player that has helped Torinos success in the past and it will be critical to get him on the pitch again and start the season on the right foot. 

Barely six months ago, Juventus finished in the top half of Serie A and they reached the final of the Champions League. 

They are currently third in the table, with four points behind leaders Juventus and Roma. 

José Mourinho’s team will face Inter Milan in the first leg of the Champions Cup on June 15.