What you need to know about outdoor soccer fields

A field in the mountains of northern California has become an international symbol of indoor soccer.

It’s called the Field of Glory.

The field, a temporary home for the Los Angeles Galaxy, features a giant dome that looks like a football field.

When the Galaxy visited Los Angeles for the MLS All-Star Game on Wednesday, fans were treated to a giant video screen displaying all the players on the field, while a video projected images of the field.

The field has attracted a diverse crowd of soccer fans and celebrities, including U.S. women’s national team star Abby Wambach and U.K. soccer stars Morgan Schneiderlin and Jack Grealish.

Fans of the game watched the field on a giant screen in front of the stadium.

But it’s not the only indoor soccer ground to attract attention.

And for the moment, it’s the only one in the world to feature a giant ball of flame that’s seen thousands of times on a regular basis.

The video, which shows a glowing ball of fire in front the stadium, is the work of photographer and videographer Michael Apted.

Apted said he decided to take his shot after watching the video of the ball.

“I was thinking about how it’s really kind of the end of the world and I wanted to get that message out to the fans,” he said.

Apte has shot more than 100 video shots from his home in California and has created several videos that feature the fire ball.

It’s a very unique video, said Apte.

“It’s really cool that people are really getting into it,” he added.

In the video, the ball appears to be burning through a field.

“The idea was to capture something very intimate and that is what it looks like to be on the ball, in the flames,” he explained.

“I wanted to capture that feeling of being on the edge of something.”‘

I don’t think it’s a metaphor, it is a story’For Aptd, the video was a way to convey that feeling.

“There are a lot of things that are going on inside your head and your imagination that are not actually there, but if you could put something in there that is, like, literally like it’s there and not actually it’s something real and it’s real, I think that would be really, really powerful,” he told ABC News.

“You don’t have to worry about anything, I mean, it just seems so real.”

Aptd said he was inspired to create the video after watching a man, who appeared to be suffering from a seizure, be treated for an apparent heart attack on the Field Of Glory.

“As I watched that, I was like, ‘This is a very real thing and I can relate to it,'” he said of the video.

A large crowd of fans turned out for the game on Wednesday.

The stadium has been open since April.

A soccer stadium in the U.A.E. was constructed in 1999, and the field has hosted international matches such as the 2010 World Cup, but it’s now the home of the Galaxy.

The Galaxy are the biggest club in the A-League and will play their first game on Saturday against rivals Brisbane Roar.